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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pyaar Impossible Review

I don't know about you, but I was pretty sure Pyaar Impossible would be horrible and completely pathetic. Surprisingly though, the Chopras seemed to pull together a decent film. Priyanka Chopra did overact (as usual), and Uday Chopra was not fantastic, but they were not bad. The popular girl in college role definitely suited PC, and UC also seemed fit for his role as the not-so-handsome geek. The songs were not worth watching for me, but they did make top 10 countdowns, so to each his/her own.
One thing that got me was the 6-year old daughter. No 6 year old is intelligent enough to be able to threaten a grown man to call the cops and manipulate them into finding this innocent man guilty of something, and no 6 year old is as mentally mature as her. I guess I'll just give them the benefit of the doubt and say the child was gifted.
Oh, just something random I remembered: PC said the phrase "You know how it is" way too many times in the movie, so that started getting a bit annoying. Did anyone else notice that?
Anyways, Dino Morea was a pleasant surprise in the movie. I was unaware that he was in it (or had just forgotten), so I got excited to see him. He acted as he usually does these days, which is not bad. He's come a long way from his Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi days.
As for the plot, it was nothing very original, but it was played out nicely. Uday Chopra is a geek in college who is in love with the most popular girl, Priyanka Chopra. He never tells her, and in fact, she is oblivious to his existence altogether. After college, he spends 7 years developing a new software, which Dino Morea, pretending to be a businessman interested in buying the software, steals from Uday. Once Uday finds out, he goes to Singapore to hunt down Dino Morea, as per advice from Uday's father, Anupam Kher. Once in Singapore, Uday tries to find the executive of the company that allegedly employed Dino Morea, but instead of Dino, he comes across Priyanka. He goes to her house to talk to her about the software and how it was stolen by her company, but she mistakes him for a nanny sent to take care of her daughter and house. The story basically kicks off from there.
Overall, the movie was not fantastic or amazing, but it was a good timepass. If you have nothing better to do, go ahead and watch this movie. It's probably not as bad as you think.


  1. This is on Instant Viewing on Netflix, so I might check it out some night. Glad to know someone 1) saw it and 2) didn't hate it! :-)

  2. Check it out if you really want...it was better than I expected (not amazing though)


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