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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Saif Doesn't Trust Kareena

What? We know it sounds strange, as Kareena Kapoor is Saif’s ladylove, but this is the dilemma Saif Ali Khan faces in the spy thriller Agent Vinod. So what is Saif’s reason to mistrust Kareena? Well, according to sources, Saif plays the protagonist, Agent Vinod, and Kareena’s character works for the villains. Now it is up to Agent Vinod to find out whether she is a “gangster’s moll” or a simple girl who is a victim of terrible circumstances and if she is trying to help him or is deceiving him. The Agent Vinod character is said to be modeled after popular fiction characters like James Bond 007, Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer. Saif, the producer of the film, was keen to cast Bebo in a powerful role. In fact, in some media reports, Kareena has admitted that her role is “shocking” and she is likely to do an Indian Mata Hari in the film. Further sources add that Kareena is not “paired romantically with Saif”. Now, that’s unexpected, as there is a lot of buzz related to their hot, steamy scenes in the flick. Are they going to disappoint us?

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