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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dil Bole Hadippa Review

Powered by: Chakpak.com Dil Bole Hadippa 

Dil Bole Hadippa is a movie starring Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee. I had been looking forward to watching this movie since I saw the promos (you can probably find my previous post on the blog!) and when it finally came out I just had to see it. I saw it a bit late considering it came out last Friday, but I thought I'd post my review anyway. So the movie was, as expected, a mix of She's The Man, Lagaan, and Chak De! India. There was much more in the movie than just these three movies, but these were the standout ones. The story was about a girl (Rani Mukherjee), the best cricket player in her village, who wants to play for India alongside the legendary Sachin Tendulkar as an opening batsman. The story is also about a man (Shahid Kapoor) who lives in England with his mother and is one of the best cricket players there. His father (parents are separated) in India asks him to help coach/be the captain of the cricket team for the bi-annual cricket match against Pakistan. Shahid agrees to do so and holds tryouts for the team. Rani goes to try out but is not allowed inside. She gets the idea of dressing as a man to try out from her chacha's (uncle's) drama company. So she tries out and makes the team. Shahid meets Rani the girl and falls in love with her as Rani the man works out for the team. What happens is Dil Bole Hadippa!

I thought the movie was very good. I loved it. Shahid is getting better with every movie and Rani was just superb. The way she played the character of Veer (the man version of her female role Veera) was amazing and I give her full props for that. It was difficult for me to imagine any other actress doing the things she did. Yeah this has been done before by others and they have all done well also, but the life that Rani's character had with the full Punjabi accent and her expressions was unbeatable. Shahid looked amazing and his actiing was really good too. From around Jab We Met, Shahid has become more manly as opposed to the childish boy he looked like earlier. I really liked his character in Dil Bole Hadippa.

The final match was very Lagaan style. It was very gripping and dramatic. Some calls were the same as in Lagaan, but it was still fun to watch. The goood thing about this was that after he found out that Veer was Veera, he didn't spend an hour debating over her character and whether or not he loves her.

Anupam Kher played Shahid's father and he is always a pleasure to watch. Dalip Tahil played the Pakistani team coach and was also awesome as usual. It was a pleasant surprise to see Poonam Dhillon again. I have seen a lot of her movies from the 80s and she is awesome. It was like seeing Neetu Singh in Love Aaj Kal, which was the best part of the movie! I won't rag Love Aaj Kal too much here, but yeah...Poonam Dhillon played Shahid's mom, and although the role was very small, I appreciated her being there. Rakhi Sawant was also in the movie. Rakhi Sawant has a pretty bad reputation and her roles often require her to wear skimpy clothes. In this movie, the Bhangra bistar song was the only time where her blouse was small, but that's what everyone wears nowadays anyways, so it wasn't out of the ordinary. her role was also very small. Sherlyn Chopra played the role of Soniya, an ex-Miss Chandigarh who turned into a modern girl after modelling in London. She had an interest in Shahid, but he didn't really return the affection.

So the movie overall was very entertaining. There was a lot of humor and I was cracking up watching it. I love that scene with the black bhains log in the truck that they show in the promos. Also, there was a scene where they combine Heer Ranjha, DDLJ, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun...!, and a line from Maine Pyar Kiya. That scene was super entertaining, but it's possible I enjoyed it just because I knew which movies they were alluding to. The songs in the movie were pretty good. I didn't forward any because either the song was nice or Shahid's dancing in it was nice.

Overall, I think the movie is worth watching. It is a total entertainer and I personally enjoyed it very much!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guess Who Contest

Guess who this image is of. (Image edited at cellsea.com) Do you have a guess?

Aamir Khan!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

YRF's New Strategy


This is Yash Raj Films's newest promotional strategy. When New York was about to release, a Hai Junoon contest was held, and now with Dil Bole Hadippa, there is a Do Bhangra on Hadippa contest.
Check out the contest!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Salman Interview

In an exclusive interview to NDTV, actor Salman Khan for the first time gives his version of events on what happened in the infamous Jodhpur Black Buck Hunting case. The actor says he and other actors like Saif Ali Khan actually helped a deer cub. Salman Khan also spoke on how he felt the whole 26/11 attacks were blown out of proportion, because the attacks involved the ‘rich and famous’. Salman also denied he had ever raised his hand against Aishwarya Rai during their relationship.
Excerpts from the interview are enclosed below:
On Jodhpur Black Buck Hunting case-You are the only one still in that case. What happened?
Salman Khan- You know there were times when I think this is from where it has come from. One day after pack up we were driving by…there were all of us…there was Saif, Tabu and Sonali and we saw a deer cub. It was stuck in the bush. The whole herd was there so I stopped the car and it was petrified. I took him out from there and gave him some water. You know he was there sitting with us. He was scared…. he ate a biscuit and went back. So that is something that happened… so I think from there this whole thing came.
On 26/ 11-
Why didn’t you speak out after 26/11? We saw a whole series of actors coming out and speaking at that point. Even after the Gujarat riots Aamir Khan came out.
Salman Khan--I wasn’t here. I was in Greece and I came back 15 days after that.
Do you think your speaking was relevant? You should have spoken?
Salman Khan- 26/11 because it was Taj and Oberoi was under threat. What about all those trains and buses that have been blown up. Tab toh kissi ne kuchch bola nahi…None stood up at that point of time and I have been talking from that time. Suddenly the rich and famous got up because they were threatened. Normal person bola yaar it’s very sad but yahan everybody stood up and made very bold statements.
On Aishwarya-
You were actually accused of violence. I mean that was a big story in all the film magazines at that time. Have you ever raised your hand against any woman?
Salman Khan: Obviously in a fight, I am going to be angry. I am going to go for whack and I want to give it my best shot. I don’t think that she would have survived it. So no it’s not true and I don’t know for what reason that was said, but let it go.

Dance Battle

Hrithik and Shahid are, in my opinion, the best dancers of their generation in Bollywood. I would ove to see a dance off in a movie or in reality between these two heartthrobs. Also, the Hrithik clones as I like to call them because they all look very similar (Neil Nitin Mukesh and Harman Baweja) are also really good dancers. They should get in the dance battle too. That would be totally fun to watch!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Rishi Kapoor!

A very happy 57th birthday to one of the best actors Bollywood has seen. Making his lead debut with Bobby (he was also in Mera Naam Joker as a child artist), he has made his mark in the film industry delivering many superhit movies, a lot of which can be found on my favorites list at the bottom of the blog. He has been in several scandaous movies as well, such as Bobby, Saagar, and other movies. I have seen many of is movies in the past couple of years and from the movies I have seen, he is probably the man who kissed the most women on screen...if the kiss wasn't explicitly shown, it was implied in a LOT of is movies. Anyways, hopefully you know who I'm talking about by now...Yupp it's the one and only RISHI KAPOOR!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

London Dreams Trailer

It looks like a typical jealousy movie, but the cast is decent. I'm looking forward to seeing Asin again though :)

Saif Doesn't Trust Kareena

What? We know it sounds strange, as Kareena Kapoor is Saif’s ladylove, but this is the dilemma Saif Ali Khan faces in the spy thriller Agent Vinod. So what is Saif’s reason to mistrust Kareena? Well, according to sources, Saif plays the protagonist, Agent Vinod, and Kareena’s character works for the villains. Now it is up to Agent Vinod to find out whether she is a “gangster’s moll” or a simple girl who is a victim of terrible circumstances and if she is trying to help him or is deceiving him. The Agent Vinod character is said to be modeled after popular fiction characters like James Bond 007, Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer. Saif, the producer of the film, was keen to cast Bebo in a powerful role. In fact, in some media reports, Kareena has admitted that her role is “shocking” and she is likely to do an Indian Mata Hari in the film. Further sources add that Kareena is not “paired romantically with Saif”. Now, that’s unexpected, as there is a lot of buzz related to their hot, steamy scenes in the flick. Are they going to disappoint us?