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Friday, August 7, 2009

Rekha Ready to Produce

A rather low profile Rekha, who has been quietly penning down the memories of the last fifty glorious years, is now intending to make a film about the same.

According to reports, the diva, who was till now reportedly writing an autobiography, is now contemplating a full fledged film on her memorable life.

Confirming the same in a recent statement, she said, “Yes, I have been picking up the pieces of my life from the memories of the past. I have been carefully going back in time to identify every person who has shaped my life and made me realise that I am a product of love. The most important person, of course, is my mother, who couldn`t have given me more love. I want to share the experiences of my life and want to thank all those people who made me who I am today. What I am doing cannot be expressed in such few words. I want to express my gratitude with visuals as well as with words. Though I feel no words are enough to describe the people who have influenced and shaped my life, yet I will take a shot at it.”

Though not much has been divulged about the same but the movie can be anticipated as a revelation of sorts, thanks to controversial life the former leading lady has led. “I am working towards making a formal announcement on the project very soon. I think I should be ready with my final plans in a couple of months”, adds the actress.

Taken from bollywoodsamachar.com

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