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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shahid Kapoor's Unprofessionalism

Shahid Kapoor has been called a "womanizing playboy" at smashits.com and has apparently been seeing Anushka Sharma (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) now. He was with Priyanka Chopra after his break up with Kareena, but now Shahid and Priyanka have broken up as well. They both refuse to attend Kaminey promotions because they do not want to share any publicity. Anushka and Shahid are going to go a Yash Raj movie together and have apparently been getting closer. It seems Shahid has rebounded from the break up with Priyanka already. Isn't it weird though how when Shahid was making movies with Kareena, they were together, and when they split up, their upcoming movies that were still filming got cancelled. Then Shahid was with Priyanka for Kaminey, and now Kaminey promotions are suffering. Now Shahid is with Anushka and will be doing a movie with her. Let's see if this movie gets completed, and if it does, how long will it take for Shahid and Anushka to break up?

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