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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Powered by: Chakpak.com Luck

Luck, starring Sanjay Dutt, Danny Denzongpa, Imran Khan, Mithun Chakraborthy, and Ravi Kissen, and introducing Shruti Haasan (daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika) was actually a pretty good movie. Just from watching the trailers, you kind of have a pretty good idea of the kind of story the movie will have, and in the first half hour or so you kind of know who will survive. Now the movie got pretty average and maybe even below average reviews, and when I went to the theater, not that many people were there to watch it. This was kind of a let down and kind of a surprise because I was super excited to watch a movie that doesn't just have a stupid love story with a crappy "comedy" or "creative" story around it like some of the other movies these days. The love stories were better in the 1900s, but now they mostly suck, so Luck was a nice alternative. The story is basically about testing luck and sort of like an extended version of Fear Factor with some Bollywood masala. There are quite a few stunts and they are actually very well done stunts. The one in which they have to find the key for their handcuffs was the most intense one in my opinion, and when you watch it, you'll see why. In the movie, a group of about 15 people is assembled from around the world and they are put through death-defying stunts for 20 days with the incentive of getting back their passports and earning Rs. 20 crores. Some of the people are there for the fun, while others are their so they can earn money for their respective problems. It may be possible that a certain one of those people has a different motive though. This "game" is run by Sanjay Dutt and his right hand man Danny Denzongpa. People worldwide can see what happens to the "players" during the stunts and all via the internet and can put money on the contestants they think will survive the 20 days. This is how Sanjay and Danny's characters make money. So that's the story of the movie. There is a side story of the love story between the characters played by Imran and Shruti.

As far as the acting goes, everyone played teir part well. Most of the actors in the movie are trained actors who live up to their parts in all their movies. The newbies were Imran Khan and Shruti Haasan. Imran has done a love story and a thriller already, so this movie was not bad at all for him. He did a pretty good job as Ram and I think he lived upto his part completely. Shruti was really impressive. If I didn't know this was her first movie, I wouldn't have guessed. She will probably go on and to something big because she has got a good voice and can sing, she's got a really nice figure, she's got a warm and pretty face, and she can act. She's got a lot going for her, and I hope to see her in more movies.

The stunts in the movie were performed really well. I haven't seen such good stunts in Hindi movies in a while and they don't come around very often. The movie starts out with a stunt by Sanjay Dutt and apparently he did that stunt all by himself and got Rs. 1.5 crores for that one scene. There are around 5 (give or take a stunt or two) stunts in the movie. Each one is more intense than the one before. The characters go through a lot of emotions, including pride, fear, shame, and many more, and they all show it really well.

The soundtrack is not that big. There is one song in the opening credits, two in the movie, and one song in the closing credits. The song in the opening credits is Aasma Luck Aasma and is picturized on Sanjay Dutt. The song is very average, but it kind of grows on you. The best song was Khudaya Ve, which runs through once completely in the movie and then reprises again a bit later. The other song in the movie is Aasma Luck Aasma, the female version. This song is sung by Shruti Haasan herself and I personally like it better than the male version. The closing credits song has a nice video and it starts out with Imran Khan and Shruti Haasan dancing and then shows a bit of the behind-the-scenes action for the choreography and the stunts.

Overall I really liked this movie and I would definitely rate it higher than many of the other movies that have come out recently. I would recommend this movie for sure without a doubt. Do check out Luck and leave your comments here.


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  2. Loved the movie. Well, I am a die hard fan of Sanjay Dutt and something has to be said about that..he is always too good and to top it with Mithun C and his "Koi Shaq' from my all time favorite movie Ghulami, couldn't be a better combo than this...it makes you wonder about all those incidents in our lives where people survive the major catestophies, also called miraculous escapes, afterall its LUCK!!!