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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I had never heard of this movie and only watched it because Bhagyashree was in it. There is a website I have subscribed to where I watch a lot of Hindi movies, and Maine Pyar Kiya and Janani were the only two Bhagyashree movies there. I have seen Maine Pyar Kiya and loved Bhagyashree in it, so I decided to watch Janani as well. Before watching, I had read the synopsis on IMDb. Here it is: "Rahul is the only child of a wealthy family in the toy manufacturing business, consisting of his dad, Raj, and mom, Urmila. He attends college, meets with Neha and both fall in love, get very intimate so much so that Neha gets pregnant. He then takes Neha to introduce her to his parents, who initially approve of her, but after finding out that her parents are Akansha and Tarun Awasthi, they instruct Rahul to take Neha home, and later ask him not to see Neha again. Rahul will soon find out that the young woman he has impregnated could well be his very own sister, mainly due to the (un)doing of their respective parents years ago. Watch how the two families deal with this new crisis and the impact this will have on Neha and Rahul. Written by rAjOo " After reading this synopsis, I thought the movie would be really messed up and perverted, but I couldn't believe that Bhagyashree, the Maine Pyar Kiya girl, would do such a role, so I decided to watch the movie despite the synopsis.
The beginning of the movie was really quick and the acting wasn't so great. Also, knowing the jist of the plot, it was pretty awkward to watch the scenes with Neha and Rahul (played by Sonica Handa and Vineet Raina) I wasn't really very excited for the movie at all. Bhagyashree's role didn't start until about 20-30 minutes into the movie, right before the flashback started. When Neha ran upto her calling her mom, I was like really? Bhagyashree definitely doesn't look old enough to be the mother of a girl that old. The flashback was portrayed really well and Bhagyashree definitely acted better in this movie than in Maine Pyar Kiya (not that there was really anything wrong with her acting in Maine Pyar Kiya, but it was more convincing in Janani) and looked more mature as well. She didn't really look that much older though, and definitely didn't look like the mother of two kids. I actually didn't know the movie was from 2006, which was just 3 years ago. I think she looked just as gorgeous if not more in this movie as in Maine Pyar Kiya (17 years ago). I don't really like Aman Verma much and his scenes, especially in the beginning, were not as convincing as they could have been. In some scenes though he did well. I really like Mohnish Bahl, mostly for his roles in Hum Saath Saath Hain and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun because those were positive roles. It was kind of weird seeing him with Bhagyashree in the same frame because in Maine Pyar Kiya he tried to take advantage of her and in this one he was really friendly. Vineet Raina and Sonica Handa were not good actors at all. Their dialogue delivery, especially Vineet's, seemed forced. I haven't seen Sonica in any other movie or show, but I saw Vineet in the television show Maayka as the oldest sister's husband.
Now as far as the story goes, the movie was very different. I haven't seen many movies about surrogate mothers before, and the only other one I saw was an English movie called Baby Mama and it was a pretty bad movie. The story is mostly about Bhagyashree and her journey as a mother, and she played the character really well. The movie could have been much more emotional. I was kind of expecting a stupid movie, but it was actually pretty gripping. Bhagyashree's scenes were really really nice. She brought a lot of emotion to her character and brought it to life. In Maine Pyar Kiya, some of her expressions seem forced and she often used hand gestures in order to portray some emotions, but in this movie, she had more natural feelings. In a lot of scenes, though, I was just like "Really? That would never happen.." and so there were flaws in the story. The concept was really different, but the execution could use work. The movie was almost completely in a flashback, and nothing was really accomplished throughout the movie. The ending was obvious from just reading the synopsis, but as with most Hindi movies, the journey is what makes it interesting because the end is a given. I'd say overall a decent movie.

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