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Monday, June 29, 2009

New York

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Yes, I saw the movie, and yes, I loved it. I think the movie was very well made. The actors were definitely well chosen. In fact it seemed that the characters were somehow based around the actors to fit their persona perfectly. John played the popular college jock, and c'mon...John's physique and facial attitude totally fit that. Katrina was the cute and fun girl in college who hung with the guys, and she played the role beautifully. We don't know much about Neil Nitin Mukesh as of now since this is his first major role that people are actually going to notice him in. His previous movies were both thrillers and the genre seems to suit him very well. He has proven himself as a very good actor and has once again played wonderfully the serious role he was given. Now Katrina's role didn't have a lot of depth, but it did have a couple different sides, going from spunky college girl to loving, hopeful, and protective wife. Normally her acting is not so much acting but more charm. In this movie though she seemed to have a really nice handle on her character and presented Maya with grace and talent. John Abraham's role was probably the most versatile. This part has a spoiler, so if you don't want to spoil this, skip the yellow part. John goes from hunky college champ to someone who leads a double life- one of a cute and lovable family man and one of a cold and vindictive terrorist Neil did pretty well also with the double agent. And someone who hasn't been mentioned yet...Irfan Khan. What should I say about him? He is super talented. He does comedy, drama, and FBI/cop so skillfully and is probably an underdog in the industry.

Okay moving on to the story. If you don't want a spoiler, don't read the yellow. So the beginning of the story is mostly flashbacks to the college days, and it is a very typical bollywood college setting. Most of the scenes have been done before as other reviews have pointed out. The X-Factor was definitely there and all three of the leads had a screen presence. The love triangle was apparent without them saying anything and it was quite predictable. Then the story takes a twist and we come back to the present, which is 7 years post 9/11. We see John and Katrina's family and it is just adorable. The acting was done well, the scenery was beautiful, and the shots were appealing. We saw a lot of sights. But then we see the dark side of John Abraham. He is indeed a terrorist, created by the FBI's torturing treatment. This was a major shock to me because I just didn't see the terrorist in John. John, however, did an excellent job showing us that he was a terrorist and his expressions were awesome. The story was quite convincing for me. Many reviews have said no...not very believable and quite an overdone idea. I disagree. I think the story was played out wonderfully and the change in the characters was acted brilliantly. John and Katrina have not really been known for their acting, but they definitely changed some minds, including mine.

The movie was extremely gripping. I did not leave my chair at all and was just completely into the movie. The second half was expecially interesting with that one major shock it gives. I just wanted to know what would happen, even though I kind of already knew but didn't want to believe it. So I think it is definitely worth the watch and I loved the movie. Now my opinions are generally contrary to the common belief...I'm not into the stupid pointless masala unless there is something else in the movie. But this movie has some masala, an interesting story, and lovely music (without the superfluous random songs with dancing in exotic locations). Definitely worth your while.

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