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Monday, June 29, 2009

Bollywood Reactions to MJ

As we all know, Michael Jackson was truly talented and was an icon worldwide for his legendary music and dance forms. He tragically passed away on June 25, 2009. Bollywood has now spoken. Here are some of the responses.

Choreographer Farah Khan: "I officially had no training in dance and whatever I learnt was by watching Michael Jackson's videos, especially `Thriller` over and over again. I consider him as my 'guru'. He was the real reason why I wanted to become a choreographer."

Actor Sanjay Dutt: "I have never seen an artist with so much talent. He was a great performer and a super entertainer."

Director Anurag Basu: "An era ends with his death."
Singer Shankar Mahadevan: Michael Jackson was "an institution of modern music who produced 'Heal the world.'"

Singer Sukhwinder Singh: "Michael's grip on the music was too wide to be restricted to one genre."

Singer Sunidhi Chauhan recalls his song, "I just can't stop loving you."

Palash Sen: "...the only singer in history who everyone knows across the globe."

Information from smashits.com.

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